Tiziano is a sofa with a modern look, enhanced and made exclusive by details that recall the classic style. From a first glance, a perfect balance between shapes and stitching immediately emerges. This quality is clearly visible, for example, in the backrest, where the cushioning is “broken” into four sections, which lighten its shape and increase its comfort.


The shape chosen for the armrests also take on fundamental role in this last aspect. The upper part of the armrests is padded and has been specially designed to provide additional comfort and give the model an extra touch of style.


In particular, the material used for the padding of the armrests and backrests is frayed fibre, known for its level of softness that exceeds common standards. If you would like to place in your living area a sofa which can combine comfort and aesthetics in the best possible way, the timeless charm of Tiziano will prove to be the perfect choice for you.