Skin is not a sofa in line with trends, but a sofa that anticipates them! In fact, not only will you find all the main qualities typical of contemporary design in this angular model, but you will also find some truly exclusive features.

For example, you will have surely noticed that in addition to the reclining headrests, even the armrest is reclining! This property, far from common in a sofa, will allow you to enjoy total relaxation in any position, whether you are lying down or want to watch TV in a comfortable and relaxed position.

And that’s not all! By lifting the armrest, you can also have a practical container, useful for storing magazines, blankets and other useful objects. The feet of Skin, with their suggestive sled design, also play a fundamental role in characterizing the sofa.

If your living area is furnished in a contemporary style, no sofa will be able to enhance it better than Skin!