A mix of classic and modern elements gives life to Settantadue, a sofa with a look that is anything but ordinary! The perfect balance of the geometries that shape the sofa creates an extremely pleasing aesthetic. For example, the lines of the backrest are perfectly defined, thanks to a decisive and uninterrupted cut.

The shape of the armrests is designed to rest in harmony on the ground, and particular attention has also been devoted to the upper part, which ends gently inside the seating area. But what could make this model perfect for your living room is its thickness of only 74 cm! This means that it will not be cumbersome in any type of environment, allowing you to optimize the space as you desire.

If you are looking for a sofa with an original and versatile design for your living area, but at the same time equipped with what is commonly defined as “timeless elegance”, Settantadue will prove to be the perfect model for you.