Peter is for those who like to maintain the freshest and most sparkling home living choices, who like to enjoy their TV series on a recliner simply operated by a finger pull and who don’t want to give up optimizing space by pulling out a bed if necessary, on which they can feel as light as a feather!


In its 2-seater and 3-seater in-line versions, it is perfect for both a studio apartment and a small flat. By configuring it in its endless variations, with chaise longue, peninsulas and corner solutions, it can be modulated to become the star of an important living area.

Discover the endless variations of Peter

Peter offers different configurations and shades in line with the most innovative and youthful interior design trends, proving to be a versatile sofa suitable for different contexts, with a choice of 4 armrest styles

Total freedom of customization is also guaranteed by the possibility of choosing from an infinite number of fabric combinations in line with the most avant-garde colour palettes, making Peter suitable for a wide range of modern furnishing contexts, especially those that are “fresh” and youthful.


What makes this model even more unique is its dual functionality: Peter is part of the Reverso Collection, the first series of sofa beds with an electric relaxation mechanism ever made in Italy and the world!


Those who choose Peter will therefore be able to relax to the full, using an adjustable headrest and an extremely quiet electric relaxation mechanism, while at the same time having a comfortable bed, for themselves or their guests, enclosed within the sofa.

Classic Armrest

Slightly wider than the other options, Classic is the armrest model with which Peter has been designed. Characterised by an essential design, this choice is ideal for those who want an important armrest but at the same time not excessive from an aesthetic point of view, thanks to the perfect balance given by its rounded shape and the possibility of making it two-tone in the upper part of its covering

Pocket Armrest

A design armrest distinguished by the presence of a practical pocket for storing magazines, books, remote controls and other small objects you want to have during your moments of comfort. This armrest is therefore perfect for those who love details and practicality, and at the same time does not want to give up aesthetics.

Slim Armrest

Sinuous lines break the static character of classic armrests. The shape of this armrest is a youthful detail that is anything but conventional, making Peter's look even more distinctive. This option is therefore perfect for those who like to dare and embrace the most modern and avant-garde design choices.

Jolly Armrest

A name that is anything but random, as this armrest has been designed to match both Logan and Peter. In fact, Jolly not only boasts a modern and youthful look, but also achieves the highest level of comfort, thanks to the ratchet mechanism that allows you to adapt the armrest to every need, especially if you want to rest your head during your moments of relaxation.