Megan is a sofa with essential lines, a quality which makes this model really versatile and suitable to furnish any kind of living area. The slightly rounded lines of this model contribute to streamline its shapes, making them softer and more fluent.


This quality is particularly evident in the shape of the armrests, which have a slight curve in the upper part. Delicate feet wrap around the seat and slender the sofa’s shape, further enhancing its form.


In order to reach the highest level of comfort, you can decide to equip the Megan sofa with comfortable reclining headrests and a practical relaxation mechanism, which will allow you to choose the inclination you prefer to give your body maximum relief in every moment of the day!


Thanks to the possibility to choose between the 2-seater version and the one equipped with a comfortable chaise longue, Megan is a model that can really meet every need, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view!