Balanced and defined lines, the Iron sofa bed is a real canvas on which to paint the model you desire. Thanks to its versatile structure, this model is able to accommodate no less than 4 different types of armrest, each able to transform the look of the sofa and adapt it to the measurements of different contexts.


In addition to the standard armrest, you can opt for Alan if you love minimalist shapes and have little space available, Benny if you want to add a touch of classic style or Dory if you desire to give extra importance to the model.


Comfort has not been put in second place: with a simple mechanism, in fact, you can extract from the sofa a bed composed of an electro-welded net and a comfortable mattress, whose thickness you can choose between 11cm and 14cm.


If for your living area you would like a sofa bed equipped with every comfort and customised according to your tastes, Iron will prove to be the perfect model.


Armrest Iron

An armrest designed to be in perfect harmony with the other shapes of the sofa. With slightly rounded edges, this solution is particularly recommended for lovers of defined and balanced geometries.

Armrest Dory

An armrest with compact and wide shapes, especially in the upper part. Particular attention is paid to the profiles of the armrest, enhanced by a stitching slightly turned outward.

Armrest Benny

An armrest with a strong aesthetic impact and a unique personality of its kind. This is thanks to the gentle and rounded shapes that recall the classic style and give the sofa an extra touch of class.

Armrest Alan

A slim and refined armrest that slightly curves outward, making the model even more cozy and elegant. The perfect solution for minimalism and simplicity lovers.