Botero is a sofa with modern and essential lines, in which the perfect balance between the shapes of the seats, backrests and armrests creates an elegant, compact and extremely comfortable model.


The slightly rounded profiles further enhance the comfort of the seats and backrest, as well as making the sofa’s shapes more delicate. The leather coverings proposed in the photo is also the ideal choice to further enhance the lines of Botero through delicate reflections and certainly pleasing to the eye.


In addition to the possibility of equipping each backrest with a comfortable reclining headrest, you can also decide to insert an electric relaxation mechanism, perfect for accompanying your body in the positions you desire according to your needs.


To give an extra touch of class to this model, you can also insert an elegant wooden module between the seats, a particularly effective complement especially if in your living area there is parquet or other types of wooden finishes.