Elegant and sophisticated, just like the Blues! Soft and slightly rounded lines give life to a refined model that will certainly not go unnoticed in the living area where it will be placed.


The high backrests make this model perfect for giving maximum relief to the back and head, while the shape of the armrest slightly inclined, will prove to be a comfortable support for the head, ideal for those who love to lie down in their moments of comfort.


The comfort level is further enhanced by the possibility of equipping the sofa with a relaxation mechanism to adjust the inclination of the footrest and backrest based on your needs. In the corner version, Blues will also allow you to have a comfortable end pouf, perfect for adding a touch of class to your living room.


If you want a model that can guarantee the highest level of comfort in all the positions you like to assume during your moments of relaxation, Blues will prove to be the perfect model for you!