Reverso Collection

Beyond the sofa bed concept, towards a new way of thinking about living design!

In recent years we have witnessed a real revolution in contemporary living. The most modern furniture choices are the result of the ever-increasing desire to furnish one's dwelling with multifunctional and versatile furniture, transforming the home into a dynamic environment in continuous evolution, able to respond to our every need for comfort..

With the “Reverso Collection” we have fully embraced this vision, finding the possibility of taking the concept of design to a higher level, in which the line between aesthetics and functionality becomes even thinner. A desire that, after 3 years of study and experimentation, has been realized in this new collection that boasts an exclusive feature never seen before in the sector: Sofa-Relax and Sofa-Bed in a single model.

Until now we have been accustomed to separating these types of sofa into two distinct categories. On the other hand, the first two sofas of the collection, Peter and Logan, respond to both these functions, offering the possibility of relaxing while enjoying a film on TV and, at the same time, having a sofa-bed ready to offer maximum comfort to your guests. Two sofas in which "versatility" is the keyword and in which their exclusive technical features allow these models to be placed in the most varied furnishing contexts.

Reverso is the collection that responds to the tastes and needs of those who are marked by originality, loves customisation and sees home living as a real expression of their personality. For this purpose, we have also decided to offer a choice of three different types of armrests, at no additional cost.


Peter is for those who love to embrace the freshest and most sparkling home living choices in line with the most modern style!


Logan is for those who identify with a clean and essential style, where precise lines define the space and make it unique!


Our favourite selections

Imagine modern, versatile sofas and living rooms also means imagine the busy, fast-moving lives of those who choose them. That's why we've selected only fabrics with stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and ultra-durable properties.

Here we show you a collection of some of the fabrics and colours that most inspired the design of Reverso! Please note: the colour rendering of the shades presented here is purely indicative, it changes depending on the monitor used to view it and may be different from the actual colour effect.


A fabric for those who like a modern and ultra-matt effect for their furniture. Made of very compact boiled wool, this fabric does not reflect light and gives the sofa an ultra-modern matt effect, enhancing the shadows and lines of the sofa.








For those who love elegance, this fabric is ideal. Thanks to its weave with a light and refined herringbone effect, Odeon enriches the sofa with shades of contemporary trends.










For those who love pastel colours and elegant shades. Thanks to its woven weave, Nuriel enhances the lines of sofa and softens the strong colours, making them soft and very versatile.